The Genie® TZ™-34/20 trailer-mounted boom has an outstanding working envelope and intuitive controls, allowing operators to efficiently reach where they need to be.

Rugged and heavy-duty, yet lightweight enough to use on lawns, slate and gymnasium floors, as well as other sensitive surfaces.

Extension boom with self-levelling platform and dual pneumatic jockey wheels for safe, precise setup Variable-speed control system 359˚ non-continuous turntable rotation for versatile positioning

Easy to use controls

Both ground and platform controls feature an easy to-use pictograph system making it quick and easy to get right to work.

Easy Transport and Setup

With a variety of hitch coupler options, the TZ™-34/20 is easily towed behind a pickup or SUV. Hydraulic outriggers with automatic self-leveling allow machine setup in as little as 40 seconds, so you spend less time setting up and more time working.

Designed for Serviceability

Easy setup and operation aren’t the only efficient benefits of the TZ™-34/20. The machine is built to make service simple, including easy access to batteries. Simply release the clamp and remove the cover

Built to Work

Durability is built in. The rigid chassis has a heavy-duty base and robust outriggers, making it the best solution for large and small contractors, maintenance crews, painting contractors and

rental yards

Our towable boom lifts let you tackle the same jobs as electric or diesel powered boom lifts


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